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Products to get you started

Essentials for getting your at home - self taping studio set up!

We all get shiny. Show up like a pro!

Either of these powders will really deliver.

Use for both males/females. Keep this in your audition bag for in person auditions.

Your perfect backdrop! 

Easy to hang, just steam out the wrinkles and now you have your perfect green screen or grey muslin fr self taped auditions.

If you need to put yourself digitally on tape in a different scenario or place, then pick the green screen. 

For a generic reading of sides, pick the grey muslin. 

Transluscent powder is essential. Don't look shiny on camera. 

This will be your FAVORITE and most necessary piece of equipment for self taping. With a bendable gooseneck, you can really frame how you need to for a perfect shot and self tape. 

Here are 2 great options for sound. Hidden lapel mic or mic that can be connected into your phone. 

What good is a perfectly lit self tape if casting can't hear you? 

Check out these 2 items to see which fits your needs best. Lapel mic goes onto your shirt and is hidden.

Cell phone mic plugs into your audio jack and is clipped onto your selfie light stand. Both are easy and convenient.

Keep these essentials in your audition bag!

Powder brush or sponge can be used to apply the translucent powder. Remember, less is more. Pat directly onto your skin for a smooth finish. Don't brush it all over your face. Pat into skin in areas needed most. ( Chin, forehead, nose and temples) 

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