Who we are

The Audition Connection is a private database and casting company. In order to list with The Audition Connection, a talent must be listed with a licensed and verified talent agency.

we do more than others:

We bring the castings to your talent. The Audition Connection is an international database that matches the best castings to the best talent for the best agencies and managers.

our mission

To be the world’s number 1 source for talent and audition matching. To give every agency, large and small, every opportunity to market their talent; new and seasoned.

our process

We pull from the largest networking sites, as well as, the smallest casting directors and production houses from around the globe and match those breakdowns based on several criteria; location, experience, and hundreds of other search parameters.

Our Philosophy

Give every talent, every opportunity for success by providing agencies with the best matched castings for their talent.



Company Message

Over 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry. The staff at The Audition Connection is comprised of working actors, models, singers, musicians and other specialty to talent; as well as booking agents and managers.

The connections made over the years merged with today’s technologies is what gives The Audition Connection its strength and global reach in order to connect the right castings to the right talent. This saves the agencies listed with The Audition Connection hundreds of hours a year in finding castings and therefor saving the agency money.

Message From The Director

The world is a big, beautiful place with many opportunities. Finding those opportunities, however, can be a challenge. I started The Audition Connection to bring those opportunities, not just to the big entertainment cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, etc., but also to bring the same opportunities to talent in small towns around the world. EVERYONE deserves a chance.


Ron H., Chicago, IL – Wow, I got my first music gig after being listed with The Audition Connection for only 1 week.   ROCK ON TAC!

Sandi A., Chula Vista, CA – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU. I’m closer to LA than many people but I wasn’t receiving many castings. When my agent told me about The Audition Connection, I immediate registered and my agent and I are both crazy with castings. Thank you.

Mom of John J., Baxley, GA – My son has always wanted to be on Disney. Thank you for making his dream come true and giving small town families opportunities.

MANiKiN AGENCY, Worldwide – The Audition Connection staff are all ROCK STARS. Thanks for being there for our talent. Rich and Amy

Lisa D., London, England – My dream was to become a fashion model. I was working in London but my dream was to sign in New York. GUESS WHERE I AM! Yeah! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

David D., Sydney, Australia – Who would ever have thought I would be signed to work with Universal Studios coming from Sydney. Forever grateful to my mates at TAC.

Bobby S., Boise, Id – Thank you for helping us find our new bass player and the bookings. Lynn, your head of music is AMAZING.

Castings: teams and advisors


R. Wheelers

J. Dommins

N. Hartman


W. Sminge

C. Crumo

A. Tolks